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Paradise 999 1001
Sandbox 1001 1001

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21 May 2019

Content for virtual worlds and simulation.
  • 1920s Berlin project

    Visited the project and i dressed to fit in. As i am a builder myself i always like visiting a nice well built sim.

    As a virtual photographer it is also nice to be able to take some  pictures. An well spent day in SL.

  • Sorry about the downloads

    We often do not send out any messages but after a platform change we have noticed that the downloads looked as they where working but did not. Nobody got the files they asked for. So if you have tried to download the last months?

    We have now made the changes as needed and downloads work again.

    Welcome to download the files. We have nulled out your requests. So you can download again.

    Web team.

  • Slow day @ the office.

    The heat gone in the building so no reason to work. Decided to take a WOW day. Set up on the new game computer and finally got the quest with the selfie camera. Everything worked fine. And i am doing many more selfies now,

    Tech have fixed the heat now so back to work.

  • Anna Lorentzson. Now in Second life.

    Anna Lorentzson is now at the Nilsart gallery The exibition that was at the Opensimfest have now moved over to SL. It is a bug.

  • Working on cyberpunk fashion.

    Sketching some new clothes. Working with mesh now. It works better for things hanging and shrinkles.